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Identity Dance Company (IDCO) is an Auckland based street Dance Company who are world-renowned for their unique and futuristic style that pushes the boundaries of movement and creativity. IDCO was established in 2008 by a bunch of boys from Western Springs College and Mt Albert Grammar who were passionate about dance. After finding success in many competitions both nationally and internationally, Joshua Cesan decided to expand the brand which saw the birth of Identity Dance Company in 2014. Josh has built the company into what it is today with the help of many friends and family members. The company members range from 10-30+ years.

The hard work has been especially evident through the successes at Hip Hop International (HHI) competitions. IDCO are the current National Champions across Junior, Varsity, Adult, Mini Crew and Junior Varsity MegaCrew divisions. IDCO have received acclaim on the international stage having won more Hip Hop World Championship medals (3 Gold, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze) than any other dance company in New Zealand!

Other successes include being the first winners of ’The Stage Haka Fusion’ and had many dancers featured in NZ’s first Hip Hop movie born to dance. IDCO choreographers and dancers have taught and performed in over countries around the world international shows such as Laservision mega media Dubai, various KPOP groups, TV shows and advertisements for XFactor, Sony and Steinlager Tokyo dry.

Josh Cesan

Josh Cesan

Company Director, Choreographer, Mentor

Joshua Cesan is the Director of Identity Dance Company (IDCO) who have won 3 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals at The World Hiphop championships as well as multiple titles internationally and nationally. He has captured international reputation with his signature style ‘Glitching’ that is recognised and emulated around the world.

Commercially Josh has worked on many projects with artists and companies internationally, some of these projects include – choreographing for The Guiness Worlds Records largest project mapping show for Laservision Mega media Dubai, choreographing and having main roles in NZ’s first Hip Hop dance movie – Born to Dance, performing in advertisements for Sony, Les Mills, Steinlager and Toray in Japan. He has also choreographed and performed in music videos for KPOP group MONSTA X, Shapeshifter, Virus Syndicate and Deadbeat. Josh has also choreographed and performed for NZ light suit company Vospertron in various countries such as Russia, Malaysia, Macau and Australia.

As a teacher he is highly sought after internationally having taught in multiple countries around the world including various dance camps such as Summerjam in Singapore and Devotion Dance Camp in Thailand, and prestigious studios such as Sinostage, Kinjazdojo and Quickstyle in China and The LAB, Movement Lifestyle, Snowglobe and Kinjaz Dojo in the US.

He is also a graduate of the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Dance Studies where he also achieved the Blues award for the highest achievements in the arts. The countries Josh has Choreographed, taught or danced in are:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Mexico
  • Tahiti
  • Macau
  • Russia
  • Fiji
  • Tonga
Codie Jai

Codie Jai

Assistant Director, Choreographer, Mentor

Codie Jai Wescombe is a dancer, choreographer, mentor and creative & visual director, rapidly rising in demand and reputation for her talent, versatility, creative inspiration and leadership. Codie’s dance journey started when she was 3 years of age. She has been mentored by one of Australia’s most sought-after hip hop influenced choreographers, Taneikah ’T’ Wescombe – Director/owner of The House of Sole.

Codie Jai is respected for her versatility across Hip Hop, street & club Dance genres and an increasing repertoire of commercial, cultural and conventional dance styles influenced by the opportunities she has been presented with. She is known for her artistic flair in exploring an expressing movement, her spirited energy and ability to inspire quality creative outcomes.
Codie Jai is a passionate advocate of a collaborative, supportive & innovative dance community, valuing sportsmanship, collective gratification & healthy role modelling within the evolving industry.

Some top credits include:

  • Assistant Director/Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer – multi-award winning The House of Sole
  • Assistant Director/Dancer/Mentor/Teacher/Choreographer – multi-award winning Identity Dance Company
  • 2022 World Hip Hop International medalist – 2 x Silver and 1 x Bronze
    Teaching in New Zealand, Guam, America and Australia-wide.
  • Adjudicator in Australia and New Zealand-wide
  • Adult Champion winner of Grounded 2018 and “Most Outstanding Team Performance”
  • Lived in China for 3 months on a contract with an entertainment company called SDT, back up dancing for artists and dancing on multiple TV shows, events and artist tours.
  • Hired by internationally recognised choreographer Kiel Tutin, as a back up dancer for various well known artists such as Taiwanese artist JOLIN Tsai, Tia Lee & Kun.
  • Dancer, choreographer and coach of multi-award-winning teams such as Genetik & Sole fam – National and international Championships
  • Back to back winners at Dancers Paradise Mexico 2016, 2017 & then again in 2019.
Chevy Mikaere

Chevy Mikaere

Choreographer, Mentor

Chevy Mikaere is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He is a member of the Identity Dance Company (IDCO), which has won multiple titles internationally and nationally, including 3 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals at the World Hip Hop Championships.

Commercially, Chevy has performed for the NZ light suit company Vospertron in various countries such as Russia, Malaysia, Macau, and Australia. He has also taught dance to people of all ages and abilities, from teaching at Choice Kid Day Care and Manukau Primary School to adult beginners at the dance studio.

Chevy is a graduate of Excel School of Performing Arts Dance Studies, where he graduated at the top of his class. He went on to do a 20-week tour of New Zealand and Germany with the school. Most recently, Chevy choreographed a kids TV show called Toi Time. He is passionate about using dance to inspire and empower people of all ages.

Here are some of Chevy’s accomplishments:

  • 3 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals at the World Hip Hop Championships
  • Multiple titles internationally and nationally
  • Performed for NZ light suit company Vospertron in various countries
  • Taught dance to people of all ages and abilities
  • Graduated at the top of his class from Excel School of Performing Arts Dance Studies
  • Did a 20-week tour of New Zealand and Germany with the school
  • Choreographed a kids TV show called Toi Time
  • Chevy is a talented dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He is passionate about using dance to inspire and empower people of all ages.
Jah Tautolo

Jah Tautolo

Choreographer, Mentor

Kia Ora my name is Jahstice Tautolo I’m 27 years old and I am choreographer and mentor at Identity Dance Company.

I have been dancing since 2011 where I have gained 12 years of Krump / Battle experience, 2 years of performing arts training at Excel, and have been training with IDCO for the past 7 years as both dancer and choreographer. I have have won multiple titles in both the battle & choreography world these include:

  • 2014 rookie Krump champ
  • 2022 beatdown Krump champ
  • 3x Battlezone winner
  • 2x Excel Performing arts Male dancer of the year
  • 2017 IDCO HHI NZ National champ
  • 2018 IDCO 2nd place at Dancers paradise
  • 2018 IDCO Male dancer of the year
  • 2019 IDCO 1st place at Upgrade
  • 2019 Choreography award
  • 2019 HHI Gold medal choreography
  • 2022 HHI Silver medal choreography
  • 2022 HHI Bronze medal choreography
Elvin Wong

Elvin Wong

Choreographer, Mentor

Elvin, a dynamic dancer, has mesmerised global audiences with his electrifying moves and groundbreaking choreography. Starting his journey in break dancing during high school in 2010, Elvin’s exceptional talent led him to join the renowned Identity Dance Company (IDCO) in 2016. Since then, he has traveled internationally, competing in esteemed dance competitions such as Hip Hop International (HHI) in America, where he secured 4th place two years in a row, Dancers Paradise in Mexico, where he earned 2nd place, and Upgrade DC in Australia, where he assisted in choreography and took home 1st place.

His choreographic prowess has also shone through his work with IDCO’s development crew, I2D, where he played a pivotal role in choreographing with other amazing tutors to nurture their talents. Many of the students he mentored within I2D have gone on to become integral members of IDCO, significantly contributing to the company’s success. Elvin played a crucial role as one of the choreographers for medalist performances by crews like YungID and Swagganauts at Hip Hop International (HHI), where they achieved notable silver medals. Collaborating with other talented choreographers, Elvin brought his unique style and vision to these routines.

Beyond the competition realm, Elvin has gained extensive experience in the commercial dance industry. He has worked with esteemed companies such as Momentum Productions and Diamond Entertainment, showcasing his versatility and adaptability across stages, music videos, and commercials.
His exceptional talent and adaptability have made him a sought-after performer in the commercial sphere.

Elvin is committed to pushing boundaries and inspiring others through his artistry.

Caleb Cameron-Lee

Caleb Cameron-Lee

Choreographer, Mentor

Caleb is a talented and disciplined dancer, who has recently stepped into the choreography scene. Starting out as a studio dancer Caleb had found his way to IDCO at the age of eleven. Since then he has made a name for himself in the New Zealand dance community, and has competed with crews Yung ID and Swagganauts receiving both a Gold  and silver medal at the World Hip Hop Championships in 2019 and 2022. Caleb has trained and performed with the NZX Next adult training programme and has done commercial dance work under his agency Red11 introducing him to the dance industry.

Caleb is an inspiring dancer who wishes to further his knowledge and movement to share his own creativity and passion with others.

Ben Lowe

Ben Lowe

Choreographer, Mentor

Ben is one of our newer choreographers jumping onboard in 2022 and has been a part of Identity Dance Company since 2017. Dancing with Swagganauts and Yung-ID from 2017-19, before moving into IDCO (adult megacrew) from 2020-21. Now Ben is a member of I-Descendants as well as choreographing for I2D. His passion and leadership bring an uplifting energy into every training and helps sets the standards for both his teammates and students. Ben is a super chill dude who grew up in Pukekohe and enjoys gaming, anime, and also has a second passion for making music.

Outside of IDCO, his other dancing achievements/experiences include: Teaching at Groovit Dance Studio since 2014, where he started his dance journey at the age of 10, performed with Momentum Productions in 2020-21, and has also done various shows, festivals, gigs and videos such as Tempo, Spotlight, BNZ ads, Blank Canvas and the Auckland Arts Festival.

Ben has completed a Bachelor of Dance Studies with Auckland University where he further refined his relationship between himself and movement while preparing for the free-lance scene.
With an HHI gold in the varsity division and a bronze in the adult division Ben uses his experience to contribute to anything he is a part of and is excited for the near and far future of IDCO.

Raych Tapsell

Raych Tapsell

Choreographer, Mentor

Raychel is a dedicated and passionate dancer, predominantly trained in Hip Hop and Street Dance. For the past decade, she has shaped herself into an outgoing and hard-working dancer in the professional dance scene in New Zealand. After creating an immediate connection with the Cesan brothers in 2013 she felt right at home and has been a member of Identity Dance Company ever since. Raychel has competed with crews Shique, Masque, Yung ID, IDCO, I-Descendant and IG receiving 2 Bronze Medals at the World Hip Hop Championships in 2018 and 2022. Raychel has trained with the NZX Next Adult training programme for three years and has competed and performed with NZXX overseas with Choreographer Todd Williamson.

Since working in the industry, she spent the majority of 2022 touring and performing for Tamariki around New Zealand and Australia with Mahi Pai, a comprehensive education programme sharing Te Reo Maori and NZ sign language in a fun and exciting way. Raychel was a dancer in five episodes of the television series ‘The Exceptional Squad’ and a Music video ‘Down on You Luck’ by SACHI. Raychel’s vibrant energy inspires us, as she continues to grow in the presence of her pairs and biggest inspirations. She has a passion for learning and giving all she can to our community and to an industry that is always evolving!